You may not realize it, but chocolate actually has got a hugely significant economic impact in many different countries, including France. It can be accurately said that chocolate supports the livelihood of millions of million, whether that is indirectly or directly. Chocolate, as an industry, employs millions of people in France. Not to mention the huge significant economic consumption of chocolate that is produced in France as well. After all, France exports tons of chocolate to the rest of the world. So if you are thinking about the economic importance of chocolate in France, the short answer is yes it is extremely important. However, you should continue reading on, if you want to know more about the specific details about chocolate and the economy.


There are over 13,000 people that are employed in the chocolate in the chocolate industry in France alone. And that number of jobs is only the number of people that are directly employed in chocolate production. That number does not count the people that are employed in the selling of chocolate or even those that are supported by the availability of chocolate, such as candy manufacturers or even coffee shop owners. Taken into account all of the different industries that chocolate is used in, it becomes obvious that a lot of jobs ride on the availability of chocolate.


There are over 56 private companies that supply and process chocolate in France. These 56 different companies are all involved in the production of chocolate in some way in and around France. And those 56 different French companies account for more than 90% of all the chocolate that is produced in France. The amount of chocolate that comes from foreign production is rather low. You could say that chocolate production is a national industry. And French people should support local chocolate makers if they want to support local French industry and economy.


The chocolate industry in France alone has got a turnover rate of close to 18 billion francs! This makes the chocolate industry, one that is worth billions. And there has also been a growth in the production and consumption of chocolate as well. Last year alone, there was a reported growth of 2.6% in the production of chocolate. So chocolate production is set to continue to expand even more as the years go by.

It is pretty obvious that from looking at all of these different figures that chocolate making and production has got a critical role in France’s economy. Chocolate production has got a lot of sway in the economy. And the number francs that could be lost if there was a decline in chocolate production could have a huge impact on the French economy as a whole. In general, chocolate may be a tasty sweet, but it is one that has got a big role to play in French and even global economics. So you may take a bite into a chocolate bar soon, but you should understand the economic importance of that chocolate bar.

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