You wanted to practice a healthier lifestyle reason why you have shifted from smoking a traditional cigarette into a vape, that’s a smart and inspiring thing for you to do so yet do you know that despite being a healthier choice, some circumstances involving your eJuice could give you fatality? Here is the following important information that you should know about the right use and precautions of your eJuice for vaping.


Nicotine Poisoning

There are three ways for you to intoxicate your body through nicotine poisoning and that is by inhaling, swallowing and at the same time with skin absorption. Sounds scary? Isn’t it? Yet eJuices is not just the sole thing you can have the nicotine poisoning, this might also be caused by your traditional cigarette. So it is important for you to keep your ejuices that you got from eliquid depot away from the reach of children and for those who are unaware of what they are just before you have them poisoned and worst, killed.


In what volume it must be to be considered fatal?

Low nicotine intoxication may just cause vomiting and nausea. A bottle of ejuice once drunk is fatal enough to cause one’s life. This might be truly frightening most especially with children for they got smaller body mass and lower resistance to intoxications. For adults, the lethal amount would be around 40 mg and it is then estimated to also be lethal with amounts of 1 up to 4 mg/lbs. So the amount of lethality of the eJuice intoxication would always vary depending on the age of the person.


What to do about it?

Taking responsibility in each and every action you make is just the best thing you could do in order to prevent these kinds of things from happening. This kind of problem has already called the attention of the majority in the e-cigarette user community and as much as they could, they do their best to take precautionary actions when they are using these products when exposed to children and public when the news about eJuice poisoning had spread.


Rules and regulations suggested came to a more positive result keeping the teens and the children away from vaping and also have some more important restrictions like those brands who promoted the child-proof type of packaging. These steps made the rate of eJuice poisoning decreased in a huge number. Then on, most of the manufacturers are now into a child proofing method of creating eJuice containers for the safety of everybody.


So it is good that upon the rise of the market of the eCigarette, people in the community take responsibilities of their habits and also help spread education regarding this matter. So these are the alarming problems you can come up to upon exposing yourself and your child with ejuices yet with proper use and precautions, these issues will surely be ended making you enjoy your vaping anywhere and anytime you want without harming anybody.